Evaluation Framework Project - Oman

Grades 1 - 12 Education System, Sultanate of Oman

The Ministry of Education has been implementing an extensive programme of educational reforms to improve all areas of Oman's education system. The Minister of Education initiated a project to develop an evaluation framework to assess the education system and ongoing progress in implementing the reforms. The purpose was to focus on all parts of the education system, and apply the evaluation framework to national and regional directorates and departments of the Ministry as well as schools.

The goals of the project were to:

  • Design a Framework to continuously evaluate Oman's Grades 1 to 12 education system
  • Pilot the Framework and refine it using feedback received from the pilot
  • Develop plans with priority actions to implement and operate the Framework
  • Further develop the skills of Ministry staff to understand and operate the Framework and teach others to use it.

Maven led the project team that included 10 international staff (four based in Oman for the project duration) and 12 Ministry staff. Omani team members were involved in all phases and aspects of the project.

The Project had a practical focus whereby an overarching tool (the evaluation framework) was developed and supported by other contributing tools. The project also built Omani capability to gather evidence, self-appraise and make decisions for improvement. The project included rubrics, processes and protocols to direct and moderate self-appraisal and was accompanied by external validation of that appraisal.

The Project was successfully completed and an extensive report produced and translated.

Education System Report